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Glenn Bach is a poet, sound artist, and curator from Long Beach, California. His most recent project, Atlas Peripatetic, is a poem sequence inspired by an extensive mapping of sounds on his morning walk. Excerpts have appeared in such journals as Aught, The Argotist Online, Dusie, foam:e, hutt, and Jubilat, and in future issues of mprsnd and Pinstripe Fedora.

Christophe Casamassima is proprietor, with his wife, Sarah, of Furniture Press in Baltimore. Write him to find out more:

Loretta Clodfelter is managing editor of there.

Laurel DeCou currently lives in Oakland, pursuing her MFA at Mills College. In the past she has inhabited such exciting cities as Pleasant Hill, McMinnville, Junction City, Eugene, Atlanta and New York. The only consistency between any of these places seems to be her and the only consistency about her seems to be her love of writing.

Jacob Eichert is an MFA candidate at Mills College. Born and raised in Southern California, he received an A in high school for playing with gentle glass things.

Meg Hamill currently lives in Oakland, California, where she leads educational canoe trips on the San Francisco Bay. More information can be found at

Halvard Johnson has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council, and Baltimore City Arts. He has had several residency grants at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and a poetry fellowship at the Ragdale Foundation. Four collections of poetry—Transparencies and Projections, The Dance of the Red Swan, Eclipse, and Winter Journey—from New Rivers Press are out of print and now are archived at the Contemporary American Poetry Archives. Recent collections include Rapsodie espagnole, G(e)nome, The Sonnet Project, Theory of Harmony—all from—and The English Lesson, from Unicorn Press in Bryan, Texas. A new poetry collection called Guide to the Tokyo Subway is just out from Hamilton Stone Editions. He lives in New York City.

Ted Keller lives, paints, and teaches in the Midcoast Maine area.

Su Pike is a poet in San Francisco who plays the lottery. To date, she has won $12. When people read her poetry, it makes her feel like she has won the jackpot.

Linda V. Russo is the author of several chapbooks including Solvency (publisher unknown, 2005) and o going out (potes and poets, 1999); a book, MIRTH, is due out from Chax Press later this year. A graduate of the Poetics Program at the University at Buffalo and currently teaching at The University of Oklahoma in Norman (population 90,000 during the academic year), she is still getting used to seeing “Dallas” as the southerly directional on I-35.

Sarah Trott lives in San Francisco and grew up in the chicken capital of the world.

Donald Wellman teaches writing and literature at Daniel Webster College. He writes on cultural hybridity and modern poetry (Assembling Alternatives, Bridges Across Chasms). He edited O.ARS, a series of anthologies exploring postmodern poetic practice. His poetry includes Fields (Light and Dust, 1995). Recent poetry can be found in Xcp: Streetnotes, Fascicle and BlazeVOX2K5. Notebook: Cuaderno de Costa Rica is forthcoming from Ahadada Books. These poems are from Oaxaca, a work in progress.

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