rewriting landscape.


Glenn Bach

from Atlas Peripatetic



                                   a front, a boundary

deep slumber of early morning

                                   between masses of air
                                   a thermal, a bubble


quiet streets (pre-sun)
pace quiet streets (street sweepers)
pale groan (oily mechanisms)

                                   of rising warm air
                                   of air rising
                                   of warm air rising

                        lamprey lamprey lamprey
                                   traffic enforcement
                                                                      shark, w/lampreys

                                   water vapor within rising thermals,


               (shorebirds trail
divebombing pelicans)
           Elgin Pelican broom sweeper

                    debris for miles

slime trails the color of laundry lint / compost for fields in Kern County

                                   condensing to form a cloud

                                                                                           rain water
                                                                                       penetrate soil
                                                                                           rain water
                                                                                       foiled by thin
                                                                                           rain water
                                                                                       crust of

                                   a cloud over open water

                       asphalt and concrete
                       funneled through
                       storm drains and grates
                       (fluted tributaries)
                       (feed tamed rivers)
                       (flow to the ocean)

The three rivers share a broad, alluvial floodplain.

                reclaimed wastewater
                                               river flows
            stronger now

                                                          filtered with ozone
                                                          disinfected by chlorine

Water table.

Water from twenty-five wells.

Water from the Colorado River.

Owens Valley.

Artesian wells.

November to March.

San Gabriel River watershed.

            (to the sea)


            (runoff down down down)


            (brown milk mustache at)


            (storm drains)


            (tide’s edge)

                                               water in perpetual motion

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