rewriting landscape.


Skip Fox


    Cicada in the near distance,
                                       in the far distance, in
                                                  the differentials,
                                              glimmer's number,
                                     shimmer, scum, pollen, smallest
                                               thrush, a bull frog, and I'm
                                                  occasionally coughing, bulldozer
                                                          a few properties away
                                                tearing the earth a new one all
                                                                over again, and
                                                                         crickets, of
                                         course, I can hear the horse shudder,
                                                insects passing my ear, cars
                                               on the curve, rusty hinge
                                        of bird in the field, cricket
                                                frogs again, . . . once they
                                                             opened a door and I
                                                                         walked in. It
                                                                    seemed simple.

                                                                                  still does

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