The Offering

By S.J. Hill

The Offering is a new novel by S.J. Hill that explores the psychological horror inherent in childhood tales.

Maggie thought she could escape the dark family secrets of her childhood. She made a clean break, moved to California, and started a new life as an art critic. After all these years she thought she was strong enough to go back for her grandmother's funeral, but something from her past has followed her home...

What she will endure will make her question her sanity, reality, and the twisted stories her grandmother told her as a child.

About the Author

S.J. Hill is a writer living in Northern California. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Mills College and her work has appeared in Vex Magazine and Twittering Machine, among others. The Offering is her first novel. When not writing, she enjoys reading fairy tales, gardening, cooking, and preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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The Offering
by S.J. Hill

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