Marisa Siegel

Night Bleeds


Night bleeds into day, again
several states all at once
reverse cross into backward
backpedaling, again, the ocean
nearby, the wave to fight

                                                            Flash forward drift
                                                            the issue of decree, the once
                                                            reversed word fighting
                                                            and the ocean, waving
                                                            (state your purpose)

A choice to carry, burdens
several things all at once
many many meaning
well, drinking tap
and nearby, cloud afloat

                                                            Side door late night pickup
                                                            architecturally well-hidden
                                                            intentionality foreseen
                                                            bleeding onto the sidewalk
                                                            and maybe rain nearby

Get up and open the window
let some of this escape
blurry word on fuzzy screen
a broken alarm clock
the morning to fight

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there 2008