Chad Lietz

from Fallow


In its first form, the Green Revolution proved a failure for imposing practice & produce
unfit for the biomes it invaded: leeched soil, disrupted tradition, a cashgrain surplus,
human cost & useless machines (big money):
                                                              —fagged wings still flapping

only to compete.

Force an order
& aid it (profit)

to grow.

Stark-white & red-trimmed      angled

                                   : Clay’s new swine nursery

                                   that one neighbor
                                   of an afternoon
                                   dropt by to see:

            —How many head?
            —Uh    bout five hunnert. Grow em big an grow em fast. What they say anyway.


a clarion:

                        go big or get out—

                                                     fields grow over their own.


Under exhaust-fan’s threnody
fly clouds pause in specks
on the siding & mushroom
around the old mutt’s head

                                                      him snuffling clods along
                                                      the sod-rimmed foundation.

            & in the west, an amassing dark, to break this skinclinging heat


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there 2008