Heather Jovanelli

Lubec pancake kitten


Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit rounding on the granite

Escalator, picking sorrel, red veined lettuce, and seeing,

Blue mixing with eggplant in front of s and t.

Descending into water the eye of a friggit sends one

Messages and following the vines of bursting corollas

Monita del monte arriving. It is vertigal Chicago arches,

And the space of absence in one thing worth nothing.

The watermelon walls are rinds, its four

Degrees outside and the snow keeps falling. Still descending

The years fall backwards, first by a few seconds, then by

Days, weeks months, until you’ve reached your

Birth and come to the conclusion that you’re not extinct.

Queste razze non esistono piu, on the sands

Beside the Dead Sea you hear galloping hooves, spiders

Winding up sunlight, rips of sky releasing from a lady’s

Arm. Transporting backwards you see two quaggas,

Looking through existence and the clouds appear

Like stellar sea cows, barnacles dot their skin. The palladium

Pendiculates its gate, and the concrete walls are met by check-

Erboard squares- sea bird music, puffins and auks grip to

Granite stones that bubble around the waters, still ancient

“we see the rising frequencies as houses”, brick over brick

Water is flushed, like moments of exhalation, or when

The tile pattern is reflected in her voice, going into the

Indonesian castle the quiet loud elemental trickle pill-

Ows on top of you, until the owls of the night are counted.

Is that old wooden bridge still standing! It’s over grown

With thorn bushes, baubles of spectacle parties reflecting

Into hearts of arches, where northern globes circle a


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