rewriting landscape.


Jeffrey Schrader

A History of Contemporary Art


suicided? artaud & van gogh

[van] in a newborn child whipped came out of the entire order based on the not getting over its sickness so the investigations of certain visionaries whose faculties vital revelations he was about to make and all of society secretly united against his consciousness was [nerval] [nietzsche] [kierkegaard] [holderlin] and [coleridge] there was a spell [gogh] also it can happen during the day but preferably and of human breathing and of the poisonous aggressiveness of the evil minds [gogh] have had light as our friend the actor [roger blin] so rightly hand that was heroism pure and simple as for the severed ear that was

[van] iniquitous spirit not succeeding on contrary he had just effaced the supernatural consciousness that no [van gogh] was not mad to all the other paintings popular at [van gogh]’s painting doesn’t attack a certain conformity and morals but the conformity of institutions themselves and nature with its climates tides equinoctial storms cannot maintain the gravitation after [van gogh]’s stay on earth all the more reason on the social plane for institutions to disintegrate and for medicine which [gogh] insane faced with [van gogh]’s lucidity always active psychiatry becomes nothing but human suffocation worthy product of their warped minds indeed there is not a psychiatrist

very internal organic no law against consciousness suffers because believing erotic crime from which as not genuinely insane and what is to go mad in the social sense [van gogh] who painted neither lines nor shapes as if they were having convulsions and inert under never became so obscure as when the whole world and [gogh] never ceases battering at all forms of nature and objects of their eviscerated meanderings so that no one knows on the other [gogh]’s paintings is always an historical event not in the history of painted historical history for there is no famine no epidemic no volcanic eruption no earthquake


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