rewriting landscape.


Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Body mind ritual


what happened yesterday tends to happens
between feeling and the happening
a character delivers
bruised while bruising
I need sustained metaphors she says
call that party members that have lasted
the janissary best in town
groomed and plumed and young
leaving behind the horse and the sword
for guns and the shimmer of cash

a child of angels is at the pew
where possibility renders a lesser dwelling
abundant between the pews but for its cloak
empire politics will not abandon
read: to have her red dress fold me in
to come to undress my eyes my ears
see how long one can keep that pulse is the tie

the small detail safely lifted and spun for color
miniature green next to miniature thought
add vehicles subtract trees then
multiply by forty wishes for silence or
by the length of the trail a vagrant walked
the pluralism we were born into
read: bland luck about such careening
a mercantile heart attested to the seen
those about landfills built on top
the caribou the predatory wolves
crying for the tern the polar
raised sea levels
flat green

by now ripened and transparent bodies wander
the replicated within the experience of count
beyond drifts nodding to the borrowing
a corrupted elite choosing after itself
neither reduced nor augmented
read: crowd recovering wound the assumed
unlike a dagger’s planting results
the sand-hill cranes once heralded
exemplary achievement of democracy
Uncle Do neither eminent nor pueblo
stainless over the walls of Disney Hall

the practice of disputation promotes territory
blankets the terrifying else surrounding prayer
while othering clouds bring in fresh and more ennui
to tie the imminent brow in this case
tiny weighted story of first person spiral
measured in time positions you come across
consumption and loins seeking diction
dusted off with purpose in mind
as clean as realistic a charity event
for one red rose one mistaken
gulp for the moon

agon commands face
I hide myself in examples of Disney
waiting for your documentary
dear old unpaid bills and a will
plots of time have dimmed the additional
less realistic though enterprise still
inventing away a present for spectators
as they collude its ravaging hiss
a never told ring of truth an oath
for some territorial will

here is the personalized quality the benchmarks
above which we shine keeping current in all
functions pursuing health and the future
building outreach on call schedules
reconciliation reports holidays décor
keeping current is the art form here
opening for the new while busy
with the stars and planets
event horizon denied
ethnicity morality

capital capital why do i (you) follow you (me)
as all belief systems crash about quarkly
draining away boundless and arbitrary
one cannot replace orbit with a click
icons freeze the instant
aura start melting
tablets fasten nails to the mirror
metal reflects the rhetoric
do not remind me of articulation
one cannot help but badger chance
to tell the story of what happened

infect me with its freshness
echo to echo the idiot in me
pleasing its supreme fiction
pinched but then code
personal and a promise
like we are for all


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